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Hair Extensions

Instant Length & Volume

Professional Hair Extensions

No matter your reason for wanting hair extensions – style, volume, protection or growth – we have the solution for you! ATLYA STUDIO professional stylists specialize in hand-tied hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions.

When hair extensions are done properly by a trained professional, they can actually help your hair grow.  They can also protect new hair growth from damage. Not to mention the most obvious benefit of hair extensions – the ability to style your hair in so many new and different ways.

Hand-tied Habit Hair Extensions are known for being some of the best available in the industry. Each strand of hair is hand-knotted to create an 11” wide weft for the ideal combination of density and flexibility. The weft is thin by design allowing you to combine multiple colors and lengths in one, or multiple rows, to create the perfect custom look every time.

Tape-in hairtalk® Hair Extensions is the leading provider of Remy human hair to salon professionals in over 40 countries. Our training and experience makes us experts in the art of the blending and shaping to customize your application without removing length or volume.

Habit Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
Hairtalk Hair Extensions

Questions About Hair Extensions

Are Hair Extensions Worth The Cost?

Like anything, we all have our opinions on what our money is worth being spent on. That said, if you are interested in hair extensions you definitely want to make sure you're getting taken care of by a professional. We are and we have the training to prove it. Hair extensions can completely transform your hairstyle and that certainly make them worth the money in our opinion. You don't have to wait months and months for your hair to grow. You don't have to put up with thin hair. You get the hairstyle you want with flexibility that can make styling a dream come true.

Should I Brush My Hair Extensions?

Only brush your hair extensions when they are dry using a special brush made just for hair extensions, a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush. Remember – be gentle. Definitely never brush your hair extensions if they are wet. Wet hair is weak hair. They are much more likely to break when wet.

How Do I Wash My Hair Extensions? With What?

Treat your hair extensions the same way you should be caring for your natural hair – wash infrequently, use warm water (never hot!) and make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Never use shampoos or conditioners with sulfates. Look for sulfate-free. Conditional should be applied from the middle of the hair to the ends. Another no brainer is to avoid bleach and any product with alcohol.

Request A Hair Extensions Consultation With One Of Our Professionals.

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