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UV Free Natural Airbrush Tanning on-site at ATYLA STUDIO.

How It Works

Step 1: Consultation


We want to take a quick minute to assess your skin type and ask what type of tan you are looking to achieve. This allows us to pick the best solution to produce the tan you desire. When in doubt, we always start on the softer side to ensure you feel natural and not too dark. From there, we build up based on the warmer seasons or if you are planning a destination trip. Once your skin type and desired tan is identified, we answer any hesitations or questions you may have.

Step 2: Preparation



You should exfoliate the day before or the morning of your spray tanning session. This is key to ensure a long lasting and even fade out! Why is this so important? A sunless tan is produced on the outer layer of your skin and subject to the normal skin shedding cycle. Use an oil-free exfoliant. An exfoliant with oil or aloe in it will leave behind a residue barrier that can interfere with your spray tan. Scrubbing with a loofa works just as well if you do not have an oil-free exfoliant. Be sure to start from the top and work your way down. If you exfoliate your shoulders last then everything you scrubbed off your shoulders will land on the rest of your body, ruining all your hard work! DO NOT APPLY products after you exfoliate then you’ve just created a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solution! This will also ensure a flawless fade out. NO lotion or oils, NO perfume, NO deodorant, NO make-up (okay to remove right before your appointment).


Shave the night before or morning of your spray tanning appointment.  Shaving opens up the pores in your skin and the shaving cream leaves a residue on your skin, both of which can negatively impact the life expectancy and performance of your tan. If you absolutely must shave right before your tan, do so with lukewarm water, a brand new razor, and an oil-free shaving cream.

What To Wear (Before & After)

Please remove ALL jewelry. If you have long hair, please pull it up. Apply chap stick to your lips.​ Female clients may tan in a bathing suit or undergarments (bra optional). Male clients must wear an undergarment/bathing suit. Whatever you decide to wear will get solution on it so make sure it is dark or an item that is not of value to you.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing like  sweatpants, loose work out pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. after your session. Tight clothing causes your skin to rub along the surface of the garment. The more your skin rubs along a surface, the more likely it is that the spray tan solution will rub off and you may notice some light spots when the tan develops as a result. DO NOT WEAR A HAT.

For longer lasting tans, make sure to moisturize your skin daily.

Of Note

Schedule manicures and pedicures at least 24 hours beforehand. The salons use lots of creams and moisturizers, that ideally should be washed off thoroughly. If you have sunburn or recently received one, wait until after your skin has recovered before getting your next spray tan–and of course: don’t get burned! Skin peeling from sun burns can result in a horribly uneven tan. 

Step 3: Tan Time

10-15 minutes

Now that you've followed all of the preparation steps, it's time for action! We provide step-on feet protectors (not needed for Portrait Tans). Nose plugs and eye protections are also available and complimentary. Then we get started. We do two coats – one coat at a time. This ensures the most even spray tan and allows you to dry as quickly as possible so you can get dressed instantly. We begin with the back, move to each side of your body, the front of the body, and last but not least – the face. We will ask that you hold your breath and close your eyes for the face. Once the tan is done, we will air-dry you and ask if you feel wet in any location. After that, you'll get dressed in comfortable loose clothing, relax and check out your tan line. You're good to go!

Full Body

Tan from head to toe.

$40 Traditional
$50 Express

Face, chest and arms.


Legs only.


Questions? Get Answers...

Hop over to the Simply Tan website to check out their frequently asked questions.

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